Mission & Vision


Emerentsia Publications was founded as an independent publishing house with a clear intent to create, publish and deliver books and other works by equally independent entities. We work primarily with individuals and companies who are independent as well. We pass on our ethos to the author we intend to work with who retain full copyright over their submitted work and who enjoy a non-exclusive status for submitted work. We believe in being a nurturing environment where every author is encouraged to teach and learn from one another. We see value in our readers who are treated as belonging to the “family” here at Emerentsia Publications to allow them to interact with us, our authors and broaden their reading experiences.


Aligning ourselves fully with both the vision of The Alliance of Independent Authors and with The Author’s Guild (the owner Nathalie M.L. Römer is an author member of both), we believe in both ALLi’s Code of Standards For Authors and their Code of Standards for Partner Members, and adopted both as our vision for this business. Additionally we wholly support The Author’s Guild’s campaign against misuse of AI, and therefore keep our business free of AI except for “assisted AI” (i.e. ProWritingAid which is used for self-editing).


We believe in the collaborative and cooperative nature of the writing community. We don’t see authors as competing against each other. We believe authors are independent entities who can determine their own creativity. We work with editors, proofreaders, designers, publicists, distributors, booksellers and readers in a collaborative manner. We believe that success for one means success for all. We’ll encourage, educate, help, offer guidance as needed. We believe in professionalism, which expresses itself in how we present our business in the public domain, how we present our authors in the public domain, and how we communicate with individuals or representatives of companies we work with.

You belong to the Emerentsia Publications community where you won’t be isolated from other authors, and where you can form alliances, cooperative endeavours (such as anthologies) that we’ll then publish as well, be able to seek and receive support and guidance, and benefit from the shared pool of experience.

You’ll be fully involved with the editorial process for your book. We strive to preserve your “voice” and our editors are instructed to treat any work we pass to them on your behalf in this manner. All editor work is provided as part of your publishing contract at ZERO cost to you.

We’ll work in-house or with independent designers to produce a number of options for cover design, ranging from customisable “premade” to custom design options. All this is included as part of your publishing contract at ZERO cost to you.

We’ll offer a platform within our AuthorOUTREACH program to allow you to continue to develop your skills. This is a hundred hour plan, offered over the first three years as an author with our company at ZERO cost to you.

We’ll work together on marketing and advertising your books, and in addition you’re welcome to conduct your own marketing. All marketing services from us are provided at ZERO cost to you.

We believe that authors should be empowered. Our business model is to enable more authors to experience this as a part of our Author Community. We BELIEVE in ALLi’s Author Ethical Code. You should TOO! We’ll pay for your FIRST YEAR of membership as an author member of The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) for every author we accept for publication (when renewal is due you can elect to continue such a membership at your own cost if desired). This one year membership is provided at ZERO cost to you.

If you wish to join independently from our business we invite you do so via our Affiliate Link at ALLi. If at a later date you get published by us we’ll ask them to renew your membership at our cost.


We list all the services we can offer, and where we don’t offer it yet we give guidance when the service may become active. We aim to fulfil our goals to make the services offered active on or before any listed date. For example, it gives a year but we haven’t yet determined a precise date for a service become active we cannot make a promise of offering such a service before that date, and even if it states Q1, Q2, Q3 or Q4 we cannot offer a precise launch date.

We also always list whether we’re accepting submissions, and to which imprints this applies. However, until further notice, we’re NOT open to any submissions.

For each service, we’ll list precisely what we’ll do however we won’t make promises for the results.

We don’t spam. Ever!

We won’t harass authors into accepting any of our services (we think that our conduct as a business should sell our services for themselves).

We understand that this is a tough business with an average of 15,000 to 20,000 publications being released A DAY (if not more than that), so we don’t ever promise “instant success” or “quick rich” or “bestseller” to our authors. Creating a core audience for long-term growth has been Nathalie’s goal from day one.

Emerentsia Publications was established in November 2015 by the author Nathalie M.L. Römer, which she manages with the help from her (business) partner B. Anders Davidson, also an author (he’s working on his first novel).

The company is based in the tiny village of Gusselby in Sweden. We write and publish primarily fantasy, science fiction, mystery fiction, urban fantasy and fairy tale retellings, but we’re working on expanding out publications as we become more established.

We’re currently not open for submissions but when we are we’ll list potential genres (current and future) that you’ll be able to submit and which of our imprints are open to such submissions.

On this website, you’ll find information about our publishing process, the books published to date, and the range of author services we’re developing for our future endeavours. Click here to visit those pages.